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  Petalicious and BARF - The Bone and Raw Food Diet

BARF is an acronym of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It's focused on feeding pets responsibly and properly to maximise health, longevity, to reduce allergies and your vet bills. The diet is based on human grade whole foods including raw meat, finely ground bones, offal and other healthy ingredients such as vegetables.


The Ultimate Natural feeding for Your Best Friend

Probably the Most Perfect Food for your Pet...The BARF diet provides all the essential proteins, minerals and vitamins necessary to help your pet to have a healthy, active and long, bright, happy, problem free life...


In the natural world our pets would have derived their essential amino fatty acids from raw carcasses of wild animals and its pre-digested raw vegetables. We duplicate this process in our product by using minced fresh carcasses.


Minerals must be supplied in your pets diet in the correct balance if he/she is going to enjoy a healthy and long life. Minerals are found in bones, which form the basis of our product. A few minerals are supplied by other elements of the BARF diet, such as fish and eggs.


Vitamins provide and essential part of your pets diet, these help the bodily functions to proceed. Our products are raw making them full of natural healthy vitamins and enzymes.
We always recommend that our products be given to your pet raw as the cooking process can reduce enzymatic activity, nutrients and other anti-aging factors.

All our meat products support BARF feeding. Full details on BARF feeding can be found at: The UK BARF Club

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